2018 New Year Special Offer

Winter in Lancashire isn’t always the easiest time of year – dark nights and cold weather can have impacts on our mind, body and soul. And that’s before we even get to the strain which New Year’s Resolutions can put on our body. I’ll be the last person to talk you out of the new gym routine (especially as I’ve just started lifting weights properly for the first time ever), but we shouldn’t underestimate the value of supporting our bodies and minds through this time of year.

And so, why not make things a little easier, and a little more pleasant for yourself? From January 2nd to February 17th, I’m running a special offer where you can get £20 off two treatments. Not only will you save money, but you also get the benefit of a follow up treatment, which cements all the benefits and will leave you feeling marvellous and ready to face what the new year has to throw at you!

The Details

For new clients: £70 gets you a full 1 1/2 hour initial treatment, which includes a consultation and a full 60 minute treatment, plus a follow up 60 minute treatment.

For existing clients: £60 gets you two 60 minute treatments.

To access this special offer, all you need to do is book your first appointment and let me know that you would like to take advantage of this offer when you book. I will ask you to pay the full cost up front, but you then have 2 months from the date of your first appointment to use your follow up treatment. You can also make use of this offer as a gift card if you would like to give this to someone else as a gift – simply give me a call or an email and I can arrange for you to have a beautiful gift card which your friend or loved one can exchange for two treatments with me.

To Book

You can book this by giving me a call on 07732 026888, or dropping me an email at suzi@waxmassage.co.uk Alternatively, you can book online, by choosing “Winter 2018 Offer” in my online booking system. Please remember to book accordingly as a new client if you have not seen me before so I can make sure we have enough time to have a proper chat before your treatment.

The Small Print

I’m not big on rules, but all I ask is that you book your follow up treatment within 2 months of your initial appointment, and I do ask for 24 hours notice of any cancelled appointments please! I’ll always aim to rebook you as soon as possible if you do need to rearrange.