Find Me!


I mostly work from my own treatment room, which is located at The Barracks, Room 1-3-6 White Cross Business Park, South Road Lancaster, LA1 4XQ.  Lancaster locals may know that some parts of White Cross are a bit of a maze, I promise that my room is easy to find!

If your appointment is before 6pm on a weekday, the front door will be open.  Please enter through the front door, through the double doors and up the stairs immediately in front of you.  At the top of those stairs take the narrow door on your left, and go all the way down that corridor, passing through another door on your way.  My room is the last door on your right, just before the flight of stairs.  It is marked 1-3-6.  I will always try to have my door open when you arrive but do please knock if it isn’t.

If your appointment is at a weekend, or after 6pm on a weekday, there is a good chance that the front door will be shut and I will need to come down and let you in.  Please wait by the front door and I will come to collect you. 

For your first visit I will always try to be by the front door to greet you and show you the way to my room.

Getting Here

Approach White Cross on the main one-way system on Thurnham Street if travelling from the North, or from South Road (A6) if travelling from the South. 

Parking areas are marked on the map in yellow.  Both are very convenient for my room, which is in the Barracks building. 

If coming by car, please either use the road entrance nearest the canal (marked in green on the map). If you are coming from the North, this entrance is directly after you turn round the corner, so keep your eyes peeled!  There are some parking spaces along the left hand side of this road which you can use.

Alternatively you can use the second entrance a little further on which takes you to the car park directly outside my building.


Parking is free for visitors.  However, wherever you park, please be aware that Automatic Number Plate Recognition is used.  To avoid a fine, it is VITAL that your number plate is registered with reception within 20 minutes of arrival EACH time you visit.  This is free, and easy, but requires you to call into Reception in the Gatehouse Building before you come to me.  It is marked in bright red on the map above – it is only a very short walk from here to my room.   You simply need to enter your number plate on the touch screen terminal on the main reception desk which is open 24 hours.  There is a drop off space directly outside reception which you can use if you would prefer to do this before you park up.

Public Transport

My room is a ten minute walk from Lancaster rail station – walk down the hill from the train station to Waterstones, turn right and follow the main road until you reach the road junction at Penny Street Bridge.  My building is just past this junction on the left hand side, set back a little from the road, opposite the hospital/ambulance station.

There is a bus stop just outside my building.  Bus numbers 1, 1A, 100, 4, 4A, 40, 41 and 41 stop there.