About Suzi

I discovered Massage Therapy as a frustrated 19 year old, in an attempt to manage a chronic migraine condition which I have lived with since the age of 3 years old. I got lucky and ended up being treated by a world renowned Massage Therapy guru, who helped me manage my condition better, and continued to do so for the next 13 years.

After 10 years as a Solicitor in the public sector, hunched over desks and squinting into computers, I decided enough was enough and started plotting a different life for myself. A life where I could help others in the same way that I had been helped when I was a distressed teenager who felt that my chronic pain would just never get any better.

Luckily enough, that massage guru I found at 19 was now training people to be the best therapists in the UK, and so in 2015 I started training to be a Clinical Massage Therapist with the Jing Advanced Massage Training School in Brighton. That guru, by the way, is a wonderful woman called Rachel Fairweather, to whom I have owed a great deal of my sanity over the years. I passed their qualifying course later in 2015, and promptly signed up for their Certificate in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy, which I passed in September 2017.

I believe passionately in the difference which high quality bodywork can make to everyone – whether you just need some time to relax, or whether you are in chronic pain. I approach every client as a person, not just a collection of muscles and symptoms, and will work with you to get the best outcome possible. I understand from my own experience how difficult chronic pain can be to manage, and I feel so privileged to be in a position to help people better manage their pain so they can spend more time feeling better and doing whatever they want to do!

When I am not with clients, or training to be a better bodyworker, I am an avid swing dancer and can often be found on a dance floor somewhere in the world with my partner dancing Balboa or Lindy Hop. I also enjoy running (very slowly!), weight lifting and various forms of crafting.