Wax Massage Therapy offers high quality clinical massage therapy treatments in the Lancaster area. Our techniques are brilliant for anyone in pain or discomfort, and also just as wonderful for anyone who wants some down time while experiencing bodywork at its best! We also provide Hot Stone Fusion massage, which uses the therapeutic heat of volcanic stones to provide not only a deeply relaxing treatment, but also a highly effective clinical massage which can help fix all those niggles and pains.

Suzi, the mastermind at Wax Massage, is an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist who is specifically trained in a number of techniques which can reduce pain, improve range of movement and return you to your old self. Suzi has trained with the internationally acclaimed Jing Advanced Massage Training School since 2015.

We treat people, not just symptoms, so Suzi will work with you to understand your needs, the exact nature of the pain or discomfort you find yourself in, and will work with you to devise a specifically tailored treatment plan. We aim to see a measurable improvement in just 1 to 6 sessions.

Suzi is based in a beautiful, listed building on the White Cross Estate in central Lancaster.  It is easy to find, and there is free parking on site.  Appointments are generally available on Monday morning, Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoon/evening and Friday afternoon/evenings.

Appointments are £40 per hour for 60 minutes, apart from your first appointment will be 90 minutes to allow for a full consultation and will cost £50. 90 minute Hot Stone Fusion appointments are £55.

Suzi does ask for 24 hours notice for a cancelled appointment if possible please, so that the appointment slot can be offered to another client. Charges may be made for missed appointments or very late cancellations.

Wax Massage Therapy is a member of the Ethical Small Trader’s Association in Lancaster, which supports environmental sustainability and community well-being.

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